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Couchin’ Ain’t Easy

Couchin’ Ain’t Easy

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Ray punched up the strip a bit from his original draft. Thus the original title of “bathroom break” didn’t seem to apply anymore. So I came up with a new title! This is why they don’t let me write.

(I also tried a squared-up view of Derrek (rather than from the side), may be a little too muscular looking? Thoughts?


  1. RayNo Gravatar says:

    WHOA! Derek has totally been working out! I like that from the front he has tremendous shoulders, but from the side he loses all form. And his shirt changes tinge.

    I like how Tombo had concern over changing the name of the strip…as if he hasn’t changed every title I’ve ever sent in.

    Also I’d like to point out the triumphant return of the Kazaam poster! Which does, in fact, still hang in my apartment. That poster was an inside joke/staple of the previous run on the strip.

    Man, what a great script! You wouldn’t know I wrote it at 5am while still completely intoxicated the night before!!!

    Oh wait, should some things remain secrets?


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