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Deathrace! Race to the Death!

Deathrace! Race to the Death!

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I know it doesn’t have much to do with the strip itself, but Deathrace is such a good name I felt it should be the title of this one also.  And kudos to Tom for a significantly improved female character.  He ended up redoing the art on her pretty much from scratch.  You don’t want to mess with that level of dedication!


  1. RayNo Gravatar says:

    This is the best female character that Tom has ever drawn. And now that it turns out that she is awesome and sassy, I want to use her in the comic more! Because, the world needs more awesome and sassy ladies!

    Side thought; Someday somebody is going to write a psychological evaluation of each character in this strip. And that day will be awesome, cause I’d love to hear the results. Not to prod any readers out there….(Prod prod prod)


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