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Ain’t No Party…

Ain’t No Party…

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This was actually set up as a stand alone strip, but I think it makes for a good bookend for the Rafael come back. I see this as his welcome back party… even though he doesn’t make an appearance. Mostly because he is too big to cram in there with all the others. Think of him as just off panel.

Also on a funny side note, I sent dave like 800 corrected versions of this and then just ended up posting it myself.

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  1. dnowellNo Gravatar says:

    I don’t even remember this script. That’s one of the best parts about Monkey House – even though I’ve written or at least seen all the scripts, I can still get surprised! Since there’s not too much continuity, what tends to happen is we send Tom a bunch of scripts. Then later on we’ll send him more. And I never know which one he decides to draw until Tuesday or Friday morning, when we all find out together.

    Looking at this one through the lens of time, I’m not sure Yoda needed to talk. We could have just employed one of our patented awkward silences.

  2. RayNo Gravatar says:

    Well, I think it’s a delight that in keeping it real, we got Moe drinking out of a red plastic cup!

    Also, what the heck happened to Smokey the Bear’s arms? i was not aware that he was a recent amputee!


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