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It’s all over

Well, we’ve been doing this for just over a year now, and we figured it was time to wrap things up. And what better way to do that than with another explosion? I sure do love blowing things up.

I like to think we had a pretty good run. And we are going out on top! Compared to last January & February, we’re getting about 7 times as much traffic now. If you extrapolate that kind of growth out over the next 10 years, it’s obvious that we would be the #1 brand of entertainment by 2014.

Thanks to our legions of readers for coming by. We’ve got some other ideas for projects, some of which may be Monkey House related, so I’ll let people know on my web page if this site makes a comeback!

If Tombo wants to say something, I’ll leave this area wide open for him:

It’s been quite a run. It was fun while it lasted, but I’m kinda glad it’s over! I’d like to thank the Adobe Brothers (Photoshop & Illustrator) for thier fine tools, without which this strips would be a couple of stick figures and word balloons.


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