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Crisis Hits Home

Crisis Hits Home

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Luckily the power to my house came back on a day early so I was able to crank this one out! I did change one word in the script because I didn’t think it made sense. FEAR MY POWER! MWAHAHAHAAHAHA.


  1. RayNo Gravatar says:

    I always thought it was funny that Derek worked at a restaurant named ‘La Cucaracha’. It was a tiny gag from the previous run of this comic, but one that stuck with me. If I remember right he used to work at ‘La Restaurante’ or something like that, but then again it could just be the bourbon talking.

    Also I think that Derek interrupting Moe from watching a TV show that must be called, ‘Primates Staring At You’ pwns the school as well.


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