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A quick one for you

A quick one for you

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Good Grief

We were running kind of late on this bad boy, and then Tom didn’t actually have his laptop, making things even harder. So we decided to go with the one-panel strip – It packs more oomph into the one panel, instead of spreading it out over 3!

I got the idea for this one from reading about a serial killer in the paper. So on my way to work, I was thinking, how come they always say “Bob Smith – Serial Killer”, and not “Bob Smith – Plumber who dabbles in serial killing?” After all, he probably spends more time at work than killing people, right?


  1. dnowellNo Gravatar says:

    Looking through the archives, this one never really worked for me. I’m assuming it’s because I was getting burnt out, but this comic just feels too darn generic. It’s not all that funny plus it doesn’t seem like a Monkey House strip.


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